Weights and height of the baby, boy and girl

The weight and size of babies say a lot about their physical development. From birth, the baby is weighed and measured. Especially in the first year of his life, his weight and his measures of growth must be controlled by the pediatrician.

The genetic inheritance and the time of pregnancy that the baby chooses to be born determine, in principle, their weight and height. Thus, the size of the parents influences the weight and height of the baby not only at the time of birth, but also in its later development. Regarding the moment of delivery, we must make a distinction between those born at term and those who are ahead of the 38th week of gestation. Other times, a maternal illness that has not allowed you to get enough food during pregnancy or gestational diabetes can also determine the baby’s weight and height at birth.

How much should the baby grow and gain weight?

The measurement of weight and height are routine controls that your pediatrician will carry out at each visit. It is important not to get obsessed with these measures because the peaks of weight gain and growth are not always the same and, during the first year, they change every quarter.



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