This is one of your child’s most important ages for emotional development.

Around two years, your toddler might be able to use sentences of 2-3 words and say ‘I’, ‘you’ and ‘me’. He’ll learn and use lots of words and will be easier to understand when he’s talking.

Everything your child has learned so far has developed his thinking.

👧🏻Playing and learning
Play is important because it’s how your child learns.

👦🏼Everyday skills
Around this time, your child is keen to do more things for herself.

Your toddler can run and will probably fall less.
If you’re around while your child explores, she feels reassured and safe. This helps your child to build confidence to try new things and explore on her own.

“Parenting a toddler”

Every day you and your toddler will learn a little more about each other. As your toddler grows and develops, you’ll learn more about what she needs and how you can meet these needs.
In fact, as a parent, you’re always learning. Every parent makes mistakes and learns through experience. It’s OK to feel confident about what you know. And it’s also OK to admit you don’t know and ask questions – often the ‘dumb’ questions are the best kind!
Sometimes you might feel frustrated or upset. But if you feel overwhelmed, put your child in a safe place – for example, a cot – or ask someone else to hold him for a while. Take some time out until you feel calmer. You could also try going to another room to breathe deeply or calling a family member or friend to talk things through.

*Never shake a toddler. It can cause bleeding inside the brain and likely permanent brain damage.

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