Preparing to receive the arrival of a baby can be overwhelming, and much more as the expected date of delivery approaches. There are so many things to prepare at home, at work, in the family, in organization, in management, and above all on an emotional level!

This is our recommended Checklist ✅

1.- Baby clothes
This time all the clothes for the baby it has to be all soft, breathable, quick and easy change. Frogs, bodies and pajamas that are the essential items for daily use.

2.- Space at home for the baby
Something that gives us peace of mind to Moms is to have the furniture and space that the baby will occupy such as a crib, bassinet, changing table … and with enough bedding, sheets, protector, towels … all ready and organized with well in advance.

3.- Skin care products and hygiene supplies
We recommend new diaper brands using ecological biodegradable diapers to be environmental conscious! The big giant COSTCO carry the brand Bio Baby Eco Diapers in bulk!
Also, utensils to wash our baby bum when necessary (we highly recommend instead of natural sponge, where bacteria can always remain , organic biodegradable cotton gauze that you find in any natural products store) and also a lot of wipes.

4.- To get going with the baby

5.- postpartum and breastfeeding products
For postpartum and breastfeeding you also have to be prepared, you will need several things: organic cotton discs (reusable or not), lanolin for breasts, maternity pads, extra ration of panties (the first days even the disposable ones are recommended by the amount of flow), nursing bras, comfortable clothing, baggy and with front opening if possible, a breastfeeding pad!

6.- Connect with the baby
The most universal ways of communicating with the baby are thought, voice, sounds, movement and touch.

7.- Playing time! Stimulating our baby’s psychomotor system.
The sense of touch covers much more than the mere ability to feel with your hands if an object is hard or soft, rough or smooth.
This is only a tiny part.
It is enough to realize that the organ of perception of touch is toooda the surface of the body, ie the entire skin, to understand its magnitude.
The skin allows us tactile experiences absolutely all the time.

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8.- Take good care of yourself
You are going to be a mother and is an extraordinary experience, like nothing else in the whole world.
Enjoy it.
Rest well.
Sleep a bit more.
Do not you worry about anything.
A new life grows inside you, You are the chosen one, you are giving birth to a new life!

9.- Document yourself by reading books or articles. information is power!
We recommend visiting or your local bookstore nor local library. The options are endless!

10.- Face the fear
Fears are always an opportunity to grow, so you have to surrender to them, not deny them, accept them. It is about trying to transform fear into a challenge and trusting yourself.
The arrival of a baby is usually accompanied by a certain degree of fear.
Fear of complications, changes that come, childbirth, facing motherhood .
Keep in mind that fears are projecting us into the future, anticipating consequences, do not let yourself be dragged by it, connect with the now, with the present moment, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy with the fullest fulfillment!

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