We all want the best for our children and there is no doubt about that. We do the best we know. There are generally no good or bad parents, simply that sometimes we do not have the necessary tools to help our children in the difficulties and pleasures of life. Nor is there a yardstick to measure what is really right and wrong, or anywhere to get the father’s card. Children fortunately do not come with a manual instruction and In part I am glad if that is meaning that each child has their own needs.
The little ones are like sponges. Everything that happens in your environment in the first years of your life, will influence considerably in the development of your personality and your intellectual level.

The importance of today’s love will be a reflection of what they will be tomorrow. It sounds hard. And it is without a doubt that we have a great responsibility before our hands, since as parents it is our duty to accompany them in their learning with quality time and patience in quantity.

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