Preparations for the baby arrival


Preparing to receive the arrival of a baby can be overwhelming, and much more as the expected date of delivery approaches. There are so many things to prepare at home, at work, in the family, in organization, in management, and above all on an emotional level!

This is our recommended Checklist ✅

1.- Baby clothes
This time all the clothes for the baby it has to be all soft, breathable, quick and easy change. Frogs, bodies and pajamas that are the essential items for daily use.

2.- Space at home for the baby
Something that gives us peace of mind to Moms is to have the furniture and space that the baby will occupy such as a crib, bassinet, changing table … and with enough bedding, sheets, protector, towels … all ready and organized with well in advance.

3.- Skin care products and hygiene supplies
We recommend new diaper brands using ecological biodegradable diapers to be environmental conscious! The big giant COSTCO carry the brand Bio Baby Eco Diapers in bulk!
Also, utensils to wash our baby bum when necessary (we highly recommend instead of natural sponge, where bacteria can always remain , organic biodegradable cotton gauze that you find in any natural products store) and also a lot of wipes.

4.- To get going with the baby

5.- postpartum and breastfeeding products
For postpartum and breastfeeding you also have to be prepared, you will need several things: organic cotton discs (reusable or not), lanolin for breasts, maternity pads, extra ration of panties (the first days even the disposable ones are recommended by the amount of flow), nursing bras, comfortable clothing, baggy and with front opening if possible, a breastfeeding pad!

6.- Connect with the baby
The most universal ways of communicating with the baby are thought, voice, sounds, movement and touch.

7.- Playing time! Stimulating our baby’s psychomotor system.
The sense of touch covers much more than the mere ability to feel with your hands if an object is hard or soft, rough or smooth.
This is only a tiny part.
It is enough to realize that the organ of perception of touch is toooda the surface of the body, ie the entire skin, to understand its magnitude.
The skin allows us tactile experiences absolutely all the time.
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8.- Take good care of yourself
You are going to be a mother and is an extraordinary experience, like nothing else in the whole world.
Enjoy it.
Rest well.
Sleep a bit more.
Do not you worry about anything.
A new life grows inside you, You are the chosen one, you are giving birth to a new life!

9.- Document yourself by reading books or articles. information is power!
We recommend visiting or your local bookstore nor local library. The options are endless!

10.- Face the fear
Fears are always an opportunity to grow, so you have to surrender to them, not deny them, accept them. It is about trying to transform fear into a challenge and trusting yourself.
The arrival of a baby is usually accompanied by a certain degree of fear.
Fear of complications, changes that come, childbirth, facing motherhood .
Keep in mind that fears are projecting us into the future, anticipating consequences, do not let yourself be dragged by it, connect with the now, with the present moment, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy with the fullest fulfillment!

Weight and size of the baby at birth



Weights and height of the baby, boy and girl

The weight and size of babies say a lot about their physical development. From birth, the baby is weighed and measured. Especially in the first year of his life, his weight and his measures of growth must be controlled by the pediatrician.

The genetic inheritance and the time of pregnancy that the baby chooses to be born determine, in principle, their weight and height. Thus, the size of the parents influences the weight and height of the baby not only at the time of birth, but also in its later development. Regarding the moment of delivery, we must make a distinction between those born at term and those who are ahead of the 38th week of gestation. Other times, a maternal illness that has not allowed you to get enough food during pregnancy or gestational diabetes can also determine the baby’s weight and height at birth.

How much should the baby grow and gain weight?

The measurement of weight and height are routine controls that your pediatrician will carry out at each visit. It is important not to get obsessed with these measures because the peaks of weight gain and growth are not always the same and, during the first year, they change every quarter.



Love and discipline

We all want the best for our children and there is no doubt about that. We do the best we know. There are generally no good or bad parents, simply that sometimes we do not have the necessary tools to help our children in the difficulties and pleasures of life. Nor is there a yardstick to measure what is really right and wrong, or anywhere to get the father’s card. Children fortunately do not come with a manual instruction and In part I am glad if that is meaning that each child has their own needs.
The little ones are like sponges. Everything that happens in your environment in the first years of your life, will influence considerably in the development of your personality and your intellectual level.

The importance of today’s love will be a reflection of what they will be tomorrow. It sounds hard. And it is without a doubt that we have a great responsibility before our hands, since as parents it is our duty to accompany them in their learning with quality time and patience in quantity.

Baby Tips for a safe bath time

Did you know that in addition to ensuring proper hygiene, bathing your baby stimulates the psychomotor development of your baby?

The baby bath provides sensory experiences, encourages play, stimulates circulation, relaxes and above all is a very special moment to strengthen the bond of love and confidence that you and your little one have.

Bath time depends on the needs of each family, sometimes in very hot climates a second bath may be required to refresh the baby.
However, it is good to keep the same schedules every day so that you get used to a routine that facilitates their adaptation and safety. Here are some suggestions to make this a magical moment:

1.- It is appropriate to sponge bath it without introducing it completely into the water until the umbilical cord falls. By the way, it is very important that you dry the umbilical cord well to avoid infections.

2. The most advisable is that you use a plastic bathtub that offers you security and comfort, now there are enough mesh or easy to lay your baby.

3.- In addition you must have well-washed hands, short nails and do not wear jewelry to prevent it hurt your baby’s skin.

4.- Place the baby semi-seated in the baby’s bathtub by holding the head with your left hand if you are right-handed. With the other hand you can handle a natural sponge and the small shampoo that is suitable for your skin and that you can use in your body and little head. (Some moms prefer to wash their heads separately.)

5.- To clean the ears and nose properly do not use copitos, clean up to where the wipe or sponge allows you. For the nose you can use a few drops of physiological serum. To remove saliva or leftover milk use a gauze or wipe.

6. Hygiene of the genitals deserves special attention.

7.- In children, try to gently rear the foreskin without forcing it. (If the baby is done the circumcision follows the direction of your doctor). In girls carefully cleans the genital furrows always backwards, from the vulva to the anus so as not to carry residual germs from the feces.

8. Never leave your baby just for a second in the tub. Once the bath is finished wrap the baby in a towel that covers the whole body to avoid cooling, hold it to recover the heat and then see gently drying each part of your body and proceed to dress it quickly to prevent it from cooling.

9. While bathing your baby, talk to him, sing him, play with him, show him how much fun you play with foam or your floating toys that sink, use plastic books.

10.-Tell him also when you admire him and how happy you feel that he has come into your life.







Tips for having a positive pregnancy

Tips for having a positive pregnancy

The empathy and connection that manifests itself to pregnant women is evident. Despite being the most natural human circumstance that women can experience, and that bring us closer to that animal reality from which we come, a pregnancy does not leave anyone indifferent and we are always curious about the state of the future mother and her baby.
Take advantage of that ‘good roll’ halo that you detach and enhance family ties, with friends and even with people you do not know. You are in the ideal time to undertake small changes that will feed and make the wait more bearable.

Enjoy your cravings

You know you have to take care of yourself, but that does not mean avoiding the whims that you are going to crave these months. Chocolate, all sorts of sweets, jelly beans … Did you know that chocolate, for example, includes tryptophan in its preparation?

Tryptophan is a chemical that produces serotonin. This component is responsible for that feeling of happiness that produces many women to eat this rich delicacy. If you are worried about diet or stress, you can always opt for one hundred percent dark chocolate.

Pregnancy improve your social relationships

Take advantage of that ‘good vibes’ halo that you detach and enhance family ties, with friends and even with people you do not know. You are in the ideal time to undertake small changes that will feed and make the wait more bearable.

Treat yourself well and socialize more

Join the pregnancy preparation
classes, although you do not think you will need it, the case is to meet people in your situation with whom to share experiences. You may even be surprised at the level of confidence you can get with your pregnant partners in a matter of minutes. Hormones can play tricks on you, such as surprising yourself with a more aggressive or exaggerated reaction than usual to a most commonplace fact. It is normal. Try not to abuse it, but try to understand yourself and give yourself those seconds of relaxation before saying things you do not

Release stress

Ideally to release all that stress originated by your pregnancy. Socialize, talk, communicate as much as possible, experts say. Communication with your baby should be the priority in this new phase of expressiveness in your life. Rest assured that your baby will notice every physical and emotional change taking place within you.





Tips for a first time parent

We want to share with you the tricks that we have been discovering to make our lives easier and in some cases to make the baby stop crying or be less uncomfortable.

When hot newborn babies cry in a rather desperate way, not all babies will cry the same way but every parent ends up knowing and understanding his baby. To check if it is very hot do not ever touch hands or cheeks as they are usually quite cool and are not a reference. Place the hand on the baby’s neckline, this area will give you the correct temperature reference. When the 6 months that begin to eat solid, they have to offer water because they hydrate much less when taking fewer bottles or less breast. It is very important that they drink water in summer, as they do not usually want to offer them many times, in heavy plan yes, but it is so, he does not know that that will calm him.


Babies relax with noises that for adults are quite annoying as they are the dryer, the washing machine or even the extractor of the kitchen, sounds incredible, right? I had heard something about the dryer and it is really effective many times they are satiated but they are still a little nervous and you do not know how to calm them, you have already walked down the hall for half an hour and nothing works, try the dryer even today there are Apps with Sound of the dryer to sleep babies, try the App Hair dryer sounds for baby, to me it worked great!
Note: for babies older than 6 months I no longer think it works


if babies do not go to the bathroom every day you have to stimulate them and one of the ways is with the tip of a thermometer smeared in olive oil or Vaseline (eye I’ve also heard with a parsley stem But do not do it since you have substances that are not the best thing for the baby) and if you finally can not do your little things, glycerin suppositories. But it is also normal for a breastfed baby to be 6 days without doing their thing, and in principle nothing happens. I say in principle because at two days, at least my daughter, was very nervous about what we used infant suppositories of glycerin and / or powders called eupeptina that we gave daily to regulate it. He went to eat solid, especially the fruit porridge and problem solved!

Ask your pediatrician because it is really effective and is not a bad drug at all! If you still do not want to give medications, try using your lifelong methods to move your legs so that they flush the gas or knock them down on your arm (as shown below, do it when you do not finish eating). But in my point of view the most effective is the medicine you can give it up to three times a day.

REFLUX (not enough for those who have serious problems):

To avoid a little reflux and encourage digestion an essential trick is to tilt the crib so that the head is slightly higher than the rest of the body and so the baby will not choke and digest simpler. Always keep your baby upright after each feeding to prevent reflux from appearing. I tell you, this is for babies with slight reflux, if the problem is more serious, it is not enough.


Humidifier is great for these cases, but for me it is not enough. What is great is a spray. They are very good and very well priced. You can do it only with the saline solution or with medication that says the pediatrician. If the baby is able to tolerate the mask, it is a trick, but you can face the vapor towards the mouth and nose of the baby. It is an investment that goes for long, to the minimum that they present snot, aerosol.


The information provided on the Website is for informational purposes only and is not professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care, nor is it intended to be a substitute therefor.

Watermelon and strawberry 🍓 ice pops

Prep+cooking time: 15 minutes +refrigeration and freezing


Half cup of water
2 Tablespoons white sugar
12 oz 🍉 Watermelon (peeled, seeded, coarsest chopped
3 oz strawberries, coarsely chopped
2 teaspoons lemon juice


Combine water and sugar in small saucepan; stir over low heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil; boil uncovered, without stirring, about 2 minutes, or until mixture thickens slightly.
Transfer syrup to small bowl; refrigerate until cold.

Blend or process cold syrup with 🍉 , strawberries 🍓 and lemon 🍋 juice until smooth. Pour mixture into four 1/3-popsicle miles. Freeze until firm, stirring occasionally during freezing to stop mixture from separating.


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