Did you know that in addition to ensuring proper hygiene, bathing your baby stimulates the psychomotor development of your baby?

The baby bath provides sensory experiences, encourages play, stimulates circulation, relaxes and above all is a very special moment to strengthen the bond of love and confidence that you and your little one have.

Bath time depends on the needs of each family, sometimes in very hot climates a second bath may be required to refresh the baby.
However, it is good to keep the same schedules every day so that you get used to a routine that facilitates their adaptation and safety. Here are some suggestions to make this a magical moment:

1.- It is appropriate to sponge bath it without introducing it completely into the water until the umbilical cord falls. By the way, it is very important that you dry the umbilical cord well to avoid infections.

2. The most advisable is that you use a plastic bathtub that offers you security and comfort, now there are enough mesh or easy to lay your baby.

3.- In addition you must have well-washed hands, short nails and do not wear jewelry to prevent it hurt your baby’s skin.

4.- Place the baby semi-seated in the baby’s bathtub by holding the head with your left hand if you are right-handed. With the other hand you can handle a natural sponge and the small shampoo that is suitable for your skin and that you can use in your body and little head. (Some moms prefer to wash their heads separately.)

5.- To clean the ears and nose properly do not use copitos, clean up to where the wipe or sponge allows you. For the nose you can use a few drops of physiological serum. To remove saliva or leftover milk use a gauze or wipe.

6. Hygiene of the genitals deserves special attention.

7.- In children, try to gently rear the foreskin without forcing it. (If the baby is done the circumcision follows the direction of your doctor). In girls carefully cleans the genital furrows always backwards, from the vulva to the anus so as not to carry residual germs from the feces.

8. Never leave your baby just for a second in the tub. Once the bath is finished wrap the baby in a towel that covers the whole body to avoid cooling, hold it to recover the heat and then see gently drying each part of your body and proceed to dress it quickly to prevent it from cooling.

9. While bathing your baby, talk to him, sing him, play with him, show him how much fun you play with foam or your floating toys that sink, use plastic books.

10.-Tell him also when you admire him and how happy you feel that he has come into your life.







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