Love and discipline

We all want the best for our children and there is no doubt about that. We do the best we know. There are generally no good or bad parents, simply that sometimes we do not have the necessary tools to help our children in the difficulties and pleasures of life. Nor is there a yardstick to measure what is really right and wrong, or anywhere to get the father’s card. Children fortunately do not come with a manual instruction and In part I am glad if that is meaning that each child has their own needs.
The little ones are like sponges. Everything that happens in your environment in the first years of your life, will influence considerably in the development of your personality and your intellectual level.

The importance of today’s love will be a reflection of what they will be tomorrow. It sounds hard. And it is without a doubt that we have a great responsibility before our hands, since as parents it is our duty to accompany them in their learning with quality time and patience in quantity.

Tips for a first time parent

We want to share with you the tricks that we have been discovering to make our lives easier and in some cases to make the baby stop crying or be less uncomfortable.

When hot newborn babies cry in a rather desperate way, not all babies will cry the same way but every parent ends up knowing and understanding his baby. To check if it is very hot do not ever touch hands or cheeks as they are usually quite cool and are not a reference. Place the hand on the baby’s neckline, this area will give you the correct temperature reference. When the 6 months that begin to eat solid, they have to offer water because they hydrate much less when taking fewer bottles or less breast. It is very important that they drink water in summer, as they do not usually want to offer them many times, in heavy plan yes, but it is so, he does not know that that will calm him.


Babies relax with noises that for adults are quite annoying as they are the dryer, the washing machine or even the extractor of the kitchen, sounds incredible, right? I had heard something about the dryer and it is really effective many times they are satiated but they are still a little nervous and you do not know how to calm them, you have already walked down the hall for half an hour and nothing works, try the dryer even today there are Apps with Sound of the dryer to sleep babies, try the App Hair dryer sounds for baby, to me it worked great!
Note: for babies older than 6 months I no longer think it works


if babies do not go to the bathroom every day you have to stimulate them and one of the ways is with the tip of a thermometer smeared in olive oil or Vaseline (eye I’ve also heard with a parsley stem But do not do it since you have substances that are not the best thing for the baby) and if you finally can not do your little things, glycerin suppositories. But it is also normal for a breastfed baby to be 6 days without doing their thing, and in principle nothing happens. I say in principle because at two days, at least my daughter, was very nervous about what we used infant suppositories of glycerin and / or powders called eupeptina that we gave daily to regulate it. He went to eat solid, especially the fruit porridge and problem solved!

Ask your pediatrician because it is really effective and is not a bad drug at all! If you still do not want to give medications, try using your lifelong methods to move your legs so that they flush the gas or knock them down on your arm (as shown below, do it when you do not finish eating). But in my point of view the most effective is the medicine you can give it up to three times a day.

REFLUX (not enough for those who have serious problems):

To avoid a little reflux and encourage digestion an essential trick is to tilt the crib so that the head is slightly higher than the rest of the body and so the baby will not choke and digest simpler. Always keep your baby upright after each feeding to prevent reflux from appearing. I tell you, this is for babies with slight reflux, if the problem is more serious, it is not enough.


Humidifier is great for these cases, but for me it is not enough. What is great is a spray. They are very good and very well priced. You can do it only with the saline solution or with medication that says the pediatrician. If the baby is able to tolerate the mask, it is a trick, but you can face the vapor towards the mouth and nose of the baby. It is an investment that goes for long, to the minimum that they present snot, aerosol.


The information provided on the Website is for informational purposes only and is not professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care, nor is it intended to be a substitute therefor.

Becoming a Dad!!!

You will become a father, Congratulations!!! Now you are a fundamental pillar of the couple and your son, and to accompany the future mother during her pregnancy, we share some things that the future father should know:

Hormonal Revolution: Yes, maybe your wife is a little screaming, crying, or mood change behaviour, but it is not intentional, it is the pregnancy hormones fault,. Do not mention it she knows, just be patient.

Necessary rest: it is not lazy, it is not that now it is a victim by the pregnancy, is that its body needs rest, it demands it, it can fall asleep at any moment. So when possible let her sleep, acupate more of those things that maybe she does regularly, and so you practice for when the baby is the focal point of attention Mom.

Sex does not hurt the baby: There is no medical reason to avoid sex during pregnancy, on the contrary it is very pleasurable. If either of you feels self-conscious about the sexual encounter, then it’s time to be more creative and look for other ways to satisfy your desires as a couple.

She needs more pillows: if they have the right pillows on the bed it is time to buy new ones because as the pregnancy progresses she will need pillows to support her back, her belly, to place between her knees, so the best thing is That you have some reservation so that you do not end up sleeping on the mattress.

She is the protagonist: Although it is a thing of two and without father would not have achieved pregnancy, during these 9 months she is the protagonist, she takes the gestation forward and touches the father support, we understand that you would like to have a greater recognition, So we suggest you make flannels or shirts that announce the good news, sure you will not go unnoticed.
Congratulations dad and thanks for everything you do!






Helping kids handle their emotions

What is emotional contention in kids?!
is the limitation of the expression of feelings by offering the child a way to manage his emotion.

For example, a hug can be a good way to contain a child who is feeling a strong emotion. Emotional containment does not allow the child to express their emotions or deny them, it means helping the child to release their emotion in a channeled way, through acceptable ways that do not hurt others.

Children need to learn to limit their behaviors, and with the expression of feelings the same thing happens (well, they are actually very related considering that children have inappropriate behaviors because they are feeling bad). There are places, occasions or people with whom we can not express our feelings in an open way or we can not offer the child alternatives to express their emotions , There are some things we could do to help the child channel their emotions and we saw some escape routes to help you get rid of the emotion. But of course, not everywhere we can put it into practice.

When we begin to apply the acceptance of feelings we have to know that it will not be a change from today to tomorrow. It takes practice and we have to be patient with ourselves. We can be honest with our children and tell them that we want to change things.

To help children learn to manage their feelings we need:

Use empathy and listen actively.

Accept the child’s feelings and encourage him to express himself.

Provide children with adequate escape routes

Use emotional restraint to limit the expression of your emotions according to people, moments or places to offer the child a realistic view of managing emotions.





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